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Whether you're flying to Sacramento International or Cameron Park, you’ll find dependable, professional pilots at your disposal through Sacramento Air Charter. We’ve helped numerous California residents since 1990 get to and from:

  • Nevada County
  • Sacramento Executive
  • Auburn
  • Grass Valley
  • Sacramento International
  • Mather Airport
  • Cameron Park

We’re licensed to fly on-demand – and we offer luxury, comfort and privacy during your flight. We can also book cars and hotels upon your arrival. If you’ve been searching for a full service charter to get you to and from your destination, look no further than Sacramento Air. Call 800-924-2471 now to book your flight.

Be Smarter, Fly Charter

Time is the only thing we have that cannot be replaced – once we have lost it, it is gone forever, use it wisely and effectively.

Sample Trips

1. Trip to North Bend Oregon to play the golf course at Bandon Dunes

You want to be at the golf course for a 7am tee time… no time to waste! The flight to Bend from the Sacramento area is about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Upon arrival the resort van will meet you and any other passengers at the airport. The van loads your golf clubs and you are on you will be at the course in about 30 minutes. After two or three days of world class golf and a great time with friends, associates or family members it is time to go home. The departure time is whenever you want it to be. If you want to play another round, go for it! We will leave when you say and If the time changes, give us a call. It is not a problem. The resort shuttle will bring you back to the airport and in 1 hour 30 minutes you are home. If you have ever driven to Bandon Dunes this saves about 8-9 hours of stressful driving, if you fly with a major airline you will spend about five hours of travel and have to drive for a couple of hours on top of that.

2. Business Trip to Crescent City

Let’s say you have a business trip to Crescent City and you are going with 3 of your business associates. If you use an airline, chances are due to their schedule you will spend the night in Crescent City. What is the real cost to you when you and 3 of your associates have to spend the night away from home and the next day away from the office? If you charter an aircraft, in 1 hour you will be in Crescent City and when you get through with your business, “Your Personal Airline” will have you home in an hour. Think about the time savings! Most of us know what our work time is worth in dollars, but what is our time off worth? Mine is worth more than my work time, how about yours? If you can get your work done and spend the quality time with your loved ones, then that is worth the money to book a charter, as opposed to spending your time on the road or waiting in an airport on someone else’s schedule.

3. Traveling With Kids

Have you ever traveled with the kids? It is so much easier to book a charter for your weekend getaway with the family to a destinations like Monterey or Santa Cruz. By car the drive time is likely to be 4 hours or more. With a charter flight you are there in 30-40 minutes. The time savings gives you a chance to spend more quality time with the family instead of 8 or more hours in a car.

Your Personal Airline

  1. When you charter an aircraft the treatment is far beyond first class.
  2. The aircraft will never leave until you have arrived, there is no time press. If you need extra time to complete your business or get stuck in traffic, we will wait for you. Try to get an airline to do that!
  3. If you are traveling during meal time, we will provide catering. Tell us what you like and it will be there. Additionally, there are always snacks and beverages on board.
  5. You will only travel with the people you want to be with; if you want to have business discussions that are sensitive , then the environment in the private aircraft is conducive to do so comfortably.

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At Sacramento Air Charter in Lincoln, we take pride in being your best choice for charter services, aircraft maintenance and purchasing assistance. We’re your go-to experts for everything related to civil aviation, from ensuring you make a good buy to effectively managing your aircraft.

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