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Whether you're flying to Sacramento International or Cameron Park, you’ll find dependable, professional pilots at your disposal through Sacramento Air Charter. We’ve helped numerous California residents since 1990 get to and from:

  • Nevada County
  • Sacramento Executive
  • Auburn
  • Grass Valley
  • Sacramento International
  • Mather Airport
  • Cameron Park

We’re licensed to fly on-demand – and we offer luxury, comfort and privacy during your flight. We can also book cars and hotels upon your arrival. If you’ve been searching for a full service charter to get you to and from your destination, look no further than Sacramento Air. Call 800-924-2471 now to book your flight.

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At Sacramento Air Charter in Lincoln, we take pride in being your best choice for charter services, aircraft maintenance and purchasing assistance. We’re your go-to experts for everything related to civil aviation, from ensuring you make a good buy to effectively managing your aircraft.

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